• I'm new to the neighborhood. What do I need to know?
    Welcome! Please click on the Homeowners link and request a login to the portal, where you can find a map of our neighborhood to determine your unit. You should have received a printed packet with a welcome letter and your unit's covenants for the HOA. Please review those in detail. You can find your covenants on the Homeowner's portal as well. If you have any questions, please contact your unit Director.
    Please also look through the FAQs section for common questions around the neighborhood!
  • Who do I contact if...
    City Issues
    HOA Issues
    • Fence issue - The HOA has 50% responsibility for fencing when a homeowner and one of our green spaces are next to each other or on the boulevard. Otherwise, the fence is the homeowner's responsibility according to the HOA covenant standards.
    • Parking issue - Per HOA covenants, there is no parking on the street in GreenAcres Place, day or night.
    • Mailbox issue - Please contact mailbox@greenacresplace.org for repair.
    • Additions/building questions - Please contact architecturalcontrol@greenacresplace.org.
  • Where can I find info on property standards?
    You can find info on yard maintenance standards, junk/litter/debris, inoperative vehicles, and nuisances on the Bossier City Property Standards website.
  • What are the HOA dues used for?
    The GreenAcres Place HOA's main mission is to maintain property values for the homes in our neighborhood. HOA dues help pay for general maintenance and improvements in our neighborhood, including:
    • Lawn service and landscaping for common areas
    • Litter pick up for common areas
    • Maintenance of entrance sign lighting
    • Sprinkler systems at the entrances
    • Water for common areas
    • Entrance signs
    • Common area fence and stucco repair/maintenance
    • Mailings and legal fees
    • Insurance
    • General improvements to beautify our neighborhood
    HOA dues also help fund neighborhood events each year, which help keep our community vibrant!
  • How much are HOA dues for GreenAcres Place?
    HOA dues are $150/year (that's $12.50/month) and are billed annually during the summer. 
  • I haven't paid my dues. Do I have to adhere to the covenants?
    Yes. The covenants are registered at the Bossier Parish Courthouse and are binding on all residents, paid members
    and non-members.
  • I want to add on to my home. What are the restrictions?
    Please consult your unit's covenants, then email Architectural Control to discuss.
  • What does the Architectural Control Committee do?
    The architectural Control Committee approves plans for new construction, remodeling and additional structures in the area and notifies homeowners of non-compliance with neighborhood covenants.
  • My mailbox needs repair. Who can help me?
    Please email mailbox@greenacresplace.org with your issue and address, and we will promptly repair your mailbox.